Hello! My name is Adrienne. Vintage Blogger and Seller. Costume and Fashion Designer.

I begin this journey with a Baby Boy (Wyatt) and my Gypsy man (Blue)!  I have given up the hustle and bustle of the corporate design world of LA to chase my own dreams. Driven to share my own design and style with the world, has led me to start my own business selling and curating the amazing vintage that I find on the road.

I’m simplifying my lifestyle, traveling, being a full time mama and lover to my amazing man!
We choose the Bohemian way full of the arts, travel, love, and good health; I want to share that with you via Ghost Rabbits! Ghost Rabbits is a vintage fashion store and blog featuring do-it-yourself tutorials, making art by recycling, inspiration, and travel!
Choosing this lifestyle was not only for the better of my family-in-the-making, but for my own personal integrity as an artist.

Me and my Love live in Pagosa Springs Co. My hometown surrounded by nature, family and a great community! Hiding out making art, finding vintage treasures and selling them to individuals that will value the beauty of every gem!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Janelle Arrington says:

    Congratulations, Darlin’s! ♥♥♥♥♥


  2. Viviana says:

    Congratulations Drie! ❤️


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