Grand Opening of Haas Brothers Gallery

Thanks to our successful Kickstarter we have been renovating a space to open Haas Brothers Gallery. The date has been set for the Grand Opening of Haas Brothers Gallery six days away from today!  This will be the first time that all three brothers will be showing their art together and what better place and time to have the stars align. The Gallery will also provide a store front for Ghost Rabbits Vintage which I have been so excited merchandising and prepping to showcase beyond the online boutique. My love, Blue Haas will now finally have his own tattoo studio as well! Haas Brothers Gallery is a fine fusion of art and fashion and we are so excited to share it with you!

We will be combining the Grand Opening of Haas Brothers Gallery with our new neighbors and the grand openings of their businesses! Chocolatier Michele White will be opening Pagosa Santa Fe Chocolates, the sister store to Chocolate De Santa Fe.  Chris Nelson will be opening the store front for his beautiful jewelry Urban-Armour. It’s gonna be an amazing night full of live music, gourmet chocolate, wine and cheese while gawking over fine art, jewelry, and vintage!!
Please join us!



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