Our First Art Fair

We headed back down to L.A. a couple of weeks ago to attend our first art fair the Jackalope Arts in Pasadena.  My love Blue the Vigorist is a true renaissance man.  He is a painter, carpenter, gardener, musician, singer, tattoo artist, and sculpter.  He has found his niche in his newest creations where he sculpts from broken electronics calling it Techsidermy. He is represented in fine art galleries but rarely gets the chance to represent and show his own work.  We had dreams of traveling and doing fairs for both Ghost Rabbits and Blue the Vigorist.  So this was our first attempt!  Blue was contacted by one of the creators of Jackolpoe Arts to be apart of the event we said yes right away and started to invest our money and time on creating our fine art pop up shop! We found out later that Jackalope Arts had another fair the following weekend in Denver.  We live in Colorado so next time we won’t venture that far and stay more local.  However we have many friends in L.A. and love the excuse to head out that way to visit and get warm!


Set Up

We found our tent online and then received amazing walls from our dear family friend Clarissa Rizal who is a crazy amazing artist. You can see her post on art fairs at her blog. Clarissa has been doing art fairs for many years and has slowly been getting out of the art fair scene.  Blue set up the walls in abstract angles allowing us to create a room in the back for all the boxes, a place for Wyatt’s crib, and a chair for resting. It was Clarissa’s idea to create a private space.  We covered the walls in white fabric because we wanted it to look clean and minimal. Imitating a store front gallery, this allowed the art to be the main focus.  Clarissa also suggested to get a directors chair and tall table so that anything you display on it would be at eye level.  We found our directors chair, tall round table and weights to hold the tent down (in all white) online. Now we needed banners.  We knew we had a corner spot which is great. Blue had his banners printed in black and white to match the look of his website, clean and simple. Then I suggested that he make two of the banners with dictionary definitions of Vigorist and Techsidermy since they were both words he created. It also looked good with our minimal tech theme.  We set it all up in our backyard as practice to make sure everything was perfected before we set out on our adventure.  We hung the definition banners up high on the inside walls and ‘Blue the Vigorist’ on the outside of the tent. Our high top table displayed the children’s books Wildflowers that Blue Illustrated and good friend Kristie Stremel created.  Its an amazing children’s book of songs that comes with a CD to sing along with. The books were on display for purchase as well as postcards which Blue illustrated.  So if you couldn’t afford a sculpture the postcards and book were smaller purchases.  Blue hand painted the wrapped postcard packets one by one. Everything looked great! We were excited to venture it out to the public!

The Fair

The fair was full of other amazing artisans of many sorts. Everyone was so warm and welcoming.  We did not sell as much as we expected but we gained experience, friendships, and people were blown away by Blue’s art. People gathered around us wondering what and how. They were so excited about Techsidermy. He especially enjoyed the questions from the youth who showed great attention to his art.

Setting up and packing up was quite the process. We were the last of the artisans taking down our pop up shop. Into the dark of the evening we were surrounded by so much love. As 8 O’Clock approached us, two older ladies (strangers to us) stopped speed walking through the park and insisted on helping us pack up our trailer late at night. Though they barely spoke english, they offered to cook us food for the trip home. A wonderful way to end the event. To know that we are all surrounded by love and support no matter if our talents are sold made it worth the venture.


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