Wyatt Grey’s Baby Shower Numero Dos!

The second Baby Shower was here in Pagosa Springs, CO. on January 11th.  Hosted by my best friend of years (and now sort of sister in law since we are both in love with brothers, thus having cousins together!) Ursala Hudson.  It was Jungle/Tribal themed and was a truly heartwarming celebration of love and the life of our little boy!!

Thrown at Ursala and Chris’s house and decorated like a jungle, the shower included a great number of people from our community dressed in jungle/tribal style, yummy island jungle food, presents, a tribal bead ceremony, and henna belly blessing.

It was an amazing celebration of life and love and I was so blessed to see good friends that have not seen in years. Many of the guests had seen me grow up in our hometown and were a huge part of my upbringing in the community, and some were new friends that I have made here in Pagosa through friends and family.  The bead ceremony was emotional in a beautiful way and everyone’s blessings brought tears to our eyes.  After everyone left Megan Riddle did a beautiful Henna belly blessing on me (a lovely present from Ursala) and it was a wonderful way to end such a beautiful ceremony.  Please check out her work linked below!


Flyer Made and Designed by Blue



10929007_953539607476_6591084651151739633_n 10923548_953539088516_8570619431507660054_n




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