A New Venture!

Hello! My name is Adrienne. I begin this journey with a Baby Boy in my belly (Wyatt) and my Gypsy man (Blue)!  I have given up the hustle and bustle of the corporate design world of LA to chase my own dreams of creating Ghost Rabbits, my vintage online store and to establish a new home/lifestyle for my family in the making!

We just moved to Pagosa Springs, Colorado — my hometown surrounded by nature, family, and a great community!

Hola Colorado!

The View from Wolf Creek Overlook.  Me and my horses on my Fathers Farm


 Our New Home! Cozy!


Traveling with my 20 year old cat on my lap and a 7 month baby boy in my belly! I caravanned behind my man through the majestic Southwest to our new home!



Adiós Los Angleles! Will be back to visit soon!

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  1. Terri Pritchard says:

    Blue, Drei, Wyatt,
    What a family!! I so enjoyed your birth story! Thank you so much for writing it so beautifully! The pictures are all wonderful! The first shower in L.A. Just about killed me with laughter! Blue, the plaster of Paris vagina was so right on!!!!! You are both out of this world and Wyatt will be too! So much creativity and love! You are inspiring individuals’ thank you for being you, Blue!
    Thank you for being you, Drei and Wyatt, I can’t wait to behold your beauty!!!!
    Much love, Terri Pritchard


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